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Dryer Preseason

One of the most important aspects of harvest is drying your grain. So having your dryer running at its top performance is critical. Have your dryer inspected for possible issues that could creep up during harvest creating costly shutdowns. The inspections will entail checking the complete safety system of the dryer along with bearings, belts, chains, sprockets, motors, augers and burner parts. The inspection will be scheduled to take place on first come first serve basis. These inspections will also qualify you for a 15% discount on dryer related service parts found necessary to change during this inspection.

In Season Service

In Season Service Dryer shutdowns cost you and your company money. Lost revenue and productivity from unwanted shutdowns can be minimized by relying on schafstall, inc. for all your in season service needs. We stock a wide variety of parts for a fast turnaround time. We have a close relationship with several suppliers to get those hard to find parts as quick as possible. schafstall, inc.’s service technicians are OSHA and confined space certified. Call schafstall, inc. and let us handle your problem dryer!

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To sign up to get your dryer preseasoned, use the downloadable form to the right or simply call schafstall, inc. at 812-342-6010.

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