GSI Grain Systems Indiana

GSI Grain Systems - schafstall, inc. is a full line dealer

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 Keep your grain safe and cool this summer. Click here to read Dr. Ken Hellevang's summer storage recommendations.

GSI Grain Systems

GSI Grain Systems - Storage:

Commercial Tanks
Commercial Hopper Tanks
Farm Tanks
Farm Hopper Tanks
Bulk Feed Tanks

GSI Grain Systems - Conditioning:

Portable Dryer
Top Dry
Modular Tower Dryer
GSI Commercial Tower Dryer
Zimmerman Commercial Tower Dryer


Material Handling

Material Handling:

Farm and Commercial Elevator Legs
Farm and Commercial En Masse and Hi Flight Drag Conveyors
Power Sweep Augers
Air Transfer Systems






Hopper Tanks: Commercial Hopper Tanks / Farm Hopper Tanks
Legs and Conveyors
Quickbolt Towers and Catwalks
Air Systems
Fans and Heaters
Portable Dryer
Top Dry
Tower Dryer: Modular and T Series Tower Dryers / Zimmerman Tower Dryer / Heat Reclaimer



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